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CUTV News Radio - Maryann Chatfield with Doug Llewelyn
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CUTV News Radio - Maryann Chatfield with Jim Masters
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Reading is essential for students to succeed. When they struggle to learn, it is up to us to provide them with the best resources available. I sought out early in my career to educate myself, so I could serve those in need to the best of my ability. Now, I can help other educators and parents use the tools and resources available.


The Welcome Dyslexia Show will feature discussions with parents, teachers, children, and dyslexia experts across the country on topics such as succeeding with dyslexia, different learning techniques, and assistive technologies that help those in need. Listeners will hear advice, discover new learning strategies, and meet amazing people accomplishing incredible things.


The show is currently in production. Until then, keep your eye out for me appearing on a variety of other sites, podcasts, and vlogs around the country. 




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